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For the child of God, death is merely the passageway to the splendors of Heaven! For those of us who are left behind, however, the loss can be devastating. Brother Rod’s lovely wife had just recently died of brain cancer when the Lord led him to begin this project. In the pages of this book, he not only gives a glimpse into their lives and bears his heart to the reader, but he also addresses two important questions. First, what actually happens when a Christian breathes their last breath? Secondly, one that impacts us all very deeply, how should we react when someone we love passes away?

Evangelist Rod Black gives a biblical approach to finding comfort, peace and healing. Allow the God of all comfort to guide you through this difficult time in your life.

I am overjoyed to recommend Evangelist Rod Black’s book, “When a Child or God Dies”.  It has been a tremendous help to me personally, and a valuable resource for the members of my church.  Brother Black has presented a balanced presentation of Scriptural helps for someone going through the mourning process.  His transparency about the struggles he faced after the passing of his wife, Debbie, baptizes the truths in authenticity and compassion.  I am so glad Brother Black funneled his sorrow, first to God, then through his pen, and then to paper, and now to us.  This book contains healing ointment for grieving hearts.  

Pastor Jerry Ross – Jasonville, IN

I have said for years, “People grieve differently.  You shouldn’t judge someone by how they grieve.”  Yet the Bible does teach us how we are to look at the death of a saved loved one. Bro. Black gives a great perspective as to how we should follow God through the valley of the shadow of death. His own experience as well as tenderness on this subject has been a blessing to a number of people in my church whom I have given the book to.

Pastor Keith Troyer – Greenville, PA

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