How to submit a tract order:
Log in to your paypal account, and add the desired amount of tracts to your cart.
Submit the following information via our Contact Us page:
 Church Address and Phone numbers
 Service Times
 Name of the Pastor
 Website information
 Any other information that you may like to have on the tract, including pictures of the
  Pastor, the Church building, any verse or quote, etc.
Note: We may, or may not be able to use all of the items that are sent, however, the more that is sent, the easier it will be to design the tract that fits your needs.
If you already have someone to design a panel for you, contact us for exact dimensions and requirements. If not, we would be happy to layout & design it for you at no extra charge.
If you would like to see a few samples of different layouts, just send us an email, and we will send you some ideas.
 Ordering music by wholesale:
If you are interested in purchasing a larger amount of music books, or CD's for your bookstore, please contact us, and we will work out special pricing.