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During the many years that Rod and Debbie Black served together in evangelism, they were concerned about the number of churches that do not have anyone to play the piano. Some would do their best to sing acapella, while others would use recorded or synthesized music. Each time Debbie had the privilege of playing for one of these churches, the pastor was encouraged, and the congregation seemed to really appreciate it. At times, simply hearing music come from the old piano brought tears to their eyes. Debbie would often challenge a teenager, lady in the church or even the pastor’s wife to learn to play.

Music is a very integral part of worship and few song leaders have the ability to get a congregation to sing well without accompaniment. Not only is the piano a tool to be used in worship, but it can also breathe life into a church service. A lively, (not worldly) song service will help prepare both the pastor and the congregation for preaching time! Soft piano or organ music seems to help draw folks to the altar to do business with God.

In honor of my wife’s love for music, her commitment to the needs of others, and her many years of faithful service to her Saviour, I am happy to introduce to you, the Debbie Black Memorial Church Pianist Scholarship Fund.
More details forthcoming. Please contact us if you would be interested in donating to this Fund.